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Our Approach

At Gastro Gnome, we start by sourcing the best ingredients for our authentic comfort food recipes. Then, we make them travel ready, so they taste just as good when you rehydrate them at your campsite as they did when we first prepared them in our kitchen in Bozeman, Montana.

our mission

Eat better outside

Gastro Gnome is a backcountry food company that creates super tasty, travel ready meals for people who appreciate great food as much as they enjoy getting outside.

How it started

With a cast iron pan packed into the backcountry. Seriously. It happened once and will never happen again. But after that, the quest began to find freeze-dried backpacking meals that would satisfy the belly and the palette. We couldn't find any, so we made our own.

What we're doing

Starting with comfort food recipes from our favorite places on Earth, we perfect each one down to the smallest pinch of salt and the most delicate balance of flavors. Then, we make sure it lives up to our standards when you rehydrate it.

stop by the shop

Stop by our shop in Bozeman to purchase meals directly and save on shipping costs. Our shop is open five days a week. Stock up on meals, grab a drink and chat us up about your next adventure. You can also pick up any of the gear that’s available on our website at our Bozeman location.

local partnerships

We're committed to our Montana community, the stewardship of the land, and people who explore it. Through our local partnerships, we band together with groups that are thoughtful about educating the next generation of explorers, hunters, and mountaineers. We are proud to support them by offering discounts to their members and their teams.

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Gastro Gnome Travels

Get out

The only thing we love as much as great meals are the adventures they fuel. Here's a look at some of our recent travels.

Group of hikers sitting and standing on a mountain plateauUsing a jetboil to brew coffee on a biking tripGroup backpacking into an alpine lakeSki touring in the backcountryGastro Gnome team sitting around a fire on a camping tripFriends of Gastro Gnome camping and looking out on an alpine lake

Under the Hat

meet the people behind the gnome

All of us have one thing in common: we love the outdoors. Whether it’s hunting, fishing, packrafting, hiking or skiing, the one thing we all know is that the outdoors nourishes our spirit in the same way that a good meal nourishes our body. Read about the Gastro Gnome team and stop into the shop to meet them.

shannon waters

founder, CHEF & HBIC

A former chef and restaurant consultant, Shannon has spent a lot of time in kitchens. Some of her best memories are of making staff-meals for her kitchen team. On those nights, she’d go to the grocery store to collect ingredients and make authentic dishes from her recent travel discoveries. Her love of cooking and the outdoors collided when she packed a heavy cast iron pan into the backcountry. That’s when she realized that if she was going to enjoy a great adventure and a great meal, she was going to have to find a solution for packable meals. That’s how Gastro Gnome got its start.
Shannon now eats a lot of really dry food in far flung places accessible by packable boat, mountain bike, or skis. When she's not out there, she's right here in the kitchen of Gastro Gnome.

Matthew Weaver

Production & Safety Manager

A student at Montana State University, Matthew is part food scientist, part handyman and part operations strategist. He does everything from hanging shelving to testing the water activity of each recipe. He gets outside to hunt and always returns with a tale to share about packing an animal out of the mountains, sometimes six miles deep.

join the team

We are currently looking for a team member to join the crew who loves the outdoors, building community, and growing a small business through brand management. That you? Shoot us an email, and let's chat.

Shannon in kitchen doing product testing, blending roasted red peppers


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